Women’s Sport Week: Why taking risks means something different for women in the workplace

To mark Women’s Sport Week at SportsPro, we have a special NEW ERA episode of the podcast with Milly Miller-Adams, Elena Kouyoufa and Katie Preston exploring the meaning of taking risks.
Our hosts take it in turns to interview three women at different stages of their careers in the sports industry to find how they view taking risks and the biggest roll of the dice they have made so far.

Talking points:
  • What does risk mean to you? (0:46)
  • Katie Bryan, senior event manager at Keith Prowse, on leaving full-time employment to take on a short-term contract (3:15)
  • How Sahaj Shah, product designer at Areto Labs, made the big leap from working in business development to chase her dream in a completely new role (16:49)
  • The story of how Gabrielle Guedj, ATP Media’s director of commercial rights sales and new business development, agreed a deal that could have brought down IMG based on a handshake (31:34)
  • Lessons in how to think about taking risks (45:24)