Podcast | The NEW ERA year ahead in women’s sport

Tom Bassam is joined by Allie Dinsmore, vice president, strategy and new business development at the Professional Fighters League; Sahaj Shah, product and UX/UI designer, Areto Labs; and Charlie Sizer, global partnerships manager at DAZN – all members of the 2022/23 SportsPro NEW ERA cohort – to discuss what the year has in store for women’s sport, as well as women in the industry.

Talking points:

  • Personal backstories (1:25)
  • The NEW ERA experience so far (5:44)
  • Things to look forward to in women’s sport in 2023 (9:00)
  • Building the profile of female athletes through original content (15:51)
  • Why this could be the year that women’s properties are properly valued (18:46)
  • How important is it to have figures like Julie Uhrman leading the way? (26:52)
  • Why the business of women’s sport doesn’t have to be the same as men’s (31:20)
  • Equality goals for the industry in 2023 (37:31)
  • Personal new year’s resolutions (41:46)