Podcast | Talking Sportel and SportsPro’s NEW ERA

Listen now:

George Breare and Tom Bassam are joined by SportsPro technology editor Steve McCaskill, who dials in from the wrong side of the tracks in Monaco, to provide an update from on the ground at Sportel.

Then, in part two, GB Snowsports chief executive Vicky Gosling and Tennis Channel editor in chief Andi Chu talk us through SportsPro’s NEW ERA gender equality programme, while also sharing some of their own experiences of the challenges facing women in the sports industry.

Part one talking points:

  • Big picture takeaways (0:30)
  • The National Hockey League’s (NHL) new over-the-top (OTT) deal with Sportradar (3:21)
  • Sportel surprises? (5:27)
  • Unpacking Eurovision’s 2023 Women’s World Cup rights deal (7:30)

Part two talking points:

  • What is SportsPro’s NEW ERA programme (13:06)
  • Chu and Gosling’s initial thoughts on the programme and why they got involved (14:00)
  • Is there an education gap in the root causes of gender inequality? (20:14)
  • The benefits of promoting diversity in sports organisations (25:20)
  • Chu and Gosling’s personal career experiences (28:40)
  • A brighter future for women in the sports industry (35:44)
  • How can men be better allies? (39:03)
  • Understanding the challenges of other women (43:21)